Top Tips for Traveling on a Budget

In some of my trips, no matter how much I plan and budget meticulously, my expenses far surpass my estimates. These trips are often the exception to the rule, which is that you can definitely explore exotic places without breaking the bank or selling an organ. Watching your pennies will help, but there are certain tips and tricks that will score you unbelievable deals and sales.


Flight Deals and Timing

Your flight will often be the most expensive part of your trip. However, there are ways to ensure that you minimize this expense. One of this is to plan your trip during off-peak times to enjoy considerable savings without compromising on getting an enjoyable experience. If you absolutely have to get away on a holiday, make sure that you book it way ahead of your departure date to take advantage of the significant cost difference. Two to three months usually do the trick.

Make sure that you also compare across different booking sites or use a comparison site specifically designed for that purpose. Some websites help you see short-term travel deals. When you strike before the deal expires, you can score amazing deals to some of your dream destinations. Some people also have a deal-planning strategy, where they decide where they want to go depending on the deals that are currently available.

Eat and Drink Like a Local

drink beerMany travelers make the mistake of spending so much money on eating out for every meal of the day. I would definitely recommend opting for cooking at least one meal if you have a kitchen in your room or buying fresh fruits from a local market or grocery store near your hotel. However, to make the most out of trip, eating out is a must. When you do, make sure that you eat and drink like the locals. Stay away from touristy restaurant and bars. Research online to find recommendations from locals on the best places to wine and dine.

Embrace Public Transport

Using Uber or taxis can add up really quickly when you are abroad. It is cheaper to use the public transport as much as possible. If you are not in a hurry, try the bus or the train. If the place you need to go to is not that far away, try leaving early and just walking. Remember that you get to see and experience more when you are on foot.

Support local crafts and handmade products.

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